Power Steering 2004 Hyundai Elasntra GLS


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Power Steering 2004 Hyundai Elasntra GLS

About a month ago I had all my belts changed including the power steering belt. After it was changed I occassionally heard a squeeling sound if you turned the wheel to far left or right. Today I just lost all my power steering. I went to check the fluid and noticed it was low. Looked under the car and it was all leaking out. It is not leaking by the where you fill it but somewhere way back near the dash board. Any ideas??? Lust a leak or something worse??? Thanks for any input!!!
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both. leaks at your steering rack. there are 2 high pressure lines coming from pump to rack. also, you have tie rods coming out of rack. can leak anywhere. get car on ramps or lift, grab a can of brake or carb cleaner, spray liberally, wipe everything out, and let ir run, to spot the leak origin.
steering racks ain't easy to work on. sorry.

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