x1000r/min, what is for?


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x1000r/min, what is for?

The Neddle located in the middle often flactuates from 1 to 3, but what is for, ... engine temp, or what else? How import this gauge is?

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It's the tachometer...it registers engine RPM (revolutions per minute). The printing in the center means multiply the reading times 1000.

Did you never realize it goes higher as the engine revs up?
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If you have the owners manual for the car it should have a section that tells you what all the instruments and warning indicators mean. It's good stuff to know since some of the warning lights can be ignored until later while others mean you should pull over and turn the car off right now!

Many years ago I had a neighbor who's oil pressure light came on when she was 20 miles from home. Not knowing if it was important or not she drove home so her husband could look at it. She made it home but the engine was destroyed and they were left with an extremely expensive repair.

The tachometer isn't "really" used for anything when driving but it's included on most modern cars. It tells you how fast the engine is turning but that's mostly useless information since you are primarily concerned with the car's speed. With modern, smooth running engines I think it's mainly there so you can see that the engine is running since many cars are so smooth you can't feel the vibrations of a running engine. There was a period in the '80's where tachometers fell out of favor and it was something often included only on trucks and sports cars.
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Pilot -

You are right on about the tachometers during 1980's period, but even some modern sports cars use then for proper shift points with a manual transmission. - For the real traditionalists.

The revs show up on the Formula 1 steering wheel display display to show the telemetry data systems and functioning. They are really useless to a driver, since the engineers in the pits and 10,000 miles away know faster than the driver. With an engine that is governed at about 18,000 to 19,000 rpm, depending on the track, if it over-revs, the race is over for the car and the 300 engineers just pack up and go home, but they have the telemetry saved for analysis for the next race at that track.


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