AC not working 2008 Honda Civic LX Manual Transmission


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AC not working 2008 Honda Civic LX Manual Transmission

I'm going to try to put in as much detail as possible here. I have a 2008 Honda Civic LX Manual Transmission, and sometime in May, I noticed an intermittent issue with the AC. It was just starting to get warm, and I like my car cold, so I kept it on Max AC and was driving on the interstate at about 65mph, in 5th gear. The air blowing from the AC was cold (I've measured it before at around 37 degrees F) at first, but then it changed- both in temperature and quality. The temperature changed from ice cold to lukewarm, and was humid and strongly musty smelling. It was so bad I turned off the AC and rolled down the windows. I got to my destination, picked up my passenger (the trip was about 45 minutes) and started home. I wasn't thinking about it and turned the AC back on, and it worked fine- for about 20 minutes. Then the same issue happened again. I turned it off, then back on, and same thing, it'd work, then warm, humid air. Now, in August, it blows only hot humid air, and I took it to my dealership, where they did whatever voodoo it is that they do, and it worked like old times again! For 2 miles. Then, same thing. I took it back, and now, they can't seem to get the issue to repeat itself, and are keeping it until they do. Any suggestions on what could cause an intermittent issue with the AC not blowing cold, dry, clean smelling air?
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did you get any responses, and did you find a solution to your problem??

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