98 Pontiac Transport Fuel Filler Neck


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98 Pontiac Transport Fuel Filler Neck

What is the procedure for replacing the filler neck on this car? Does the tank need to be dropped? Does it matter if I don't replace it for a few months? Thanks

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You only have to replace it if you want to put gas in it again in the future .....
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The original filler neck is in the car. It has a miniscule Hole. Gas does not leak. Is there any reason to replace it?
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How do you know it has a miniscule hole? Only when tank is full and parked on an angle??? It is part of the emission control system however and as such is considered part of a sealed system in regards to venting and vapors. Should it be replaced to comply with emission laws regardless of any OBD2 codes, and dash lights or not? Yes. Could there be a safety issue in a crash for example? Yes. Can you drive everyday without replacing it? Yes. If it was my vehicle would I find a quality but low cost replacement part and replace it? Yes. Despite this will you replace it? Please tell us.

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