Part for 4WD '01 Dodge Grand Caravan (Part #: 4641899AB)


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Part for 4WD '01 Dodge Grand Caravan (Part #: 4641899AB)

I've been looking for this part ever since April. The carrier bearing on the center drive shaft for my 4WD 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan is going out and apparently that carrier bearing is not a serviceable part. It has been on national back-order this whole time and I can't find anywhere that has it (not even after market).

Does anyone know where I can order this part (part #: 4641899AB)? And by "order" I don't mean being placed on another waiting list, but actually ordering an in-stock part that will physically be shipped upon ordering.

I'd really like to avoid buying a whole new vehicle simply because a bearing is going out, but if I can't find this part then I don't know what other option I have.

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Welcome to the forums! Answers aren't always simple. BUT it may be cheaper in the long run to buy an entire driveshaft (bearing included) than to wait until it fails and tears up more than you want to pay for. If you have checked places like Rock Auto, normal autoparts stores, speed shops, then you may have run the gambit. Check into the price of the shaft/unit and let us know what you find out.
Better yet: Mopar Part 4641899AB
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I believe the problem you are having finding this bearing, is that they didn't really make to many of the 4 wheel drive vans. And if that happens to be the one that is like 3 feet longer then most, that makes it even harder to find. That is one of the reason I got rid of my ply grand, that and needing a tranny ever 25,000.
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quite an extensive answer given to you here:

Part for 4WD '01 Dodge Grand Caravan (Part #: 4641899AB) - General Auto Repair Discussions at

if you are looking just for bearing, I do not see why you can not remove driveshaft with bearing, removing bearing, and have it matched. Human hands put that bearing on, human hands can take it apart. No Gods had anything to do with this.

on a sour side... this just confirms my firm opinion to not even look at Dodges.
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If that bearing is anything like my 63 chev, there is nothing to changing. 2 bolts hold the bearing mount, and 1 bolt holds the 2 shaft half together. I carried a spare in to trunk, I had so many go. I could R&R in 15 minutes. Those X frame chev just weren't made for hot roding in.

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