2004 Honda Odyssey - Missing Freon?! No Leaks!


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Question 2004 Honda Odyssey - Missing Freon?! No Leaks!

My AC started blowing hot air this summer. Took it to the mechanic who replaced a hose and filled it up with freon + dye.

After a month - now it is doing the same. Took it back to the mechanic today and he says the freon is no more there, but he doesn't see a leak.

Any thoughts / suggestions?
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Find and fix the leak......................

(go back to the first guy and get your money back too)
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Find another A/C mechanic. The stuff doesn't get used up. It had to leak out. Just because it's not where he can't see it in the engine compartment doesn't mean it's not happening.

It's probably at the evaporator which requires dis-assembly of the dash (most likely) to inspect. Figure $700 or so if it needs replacement. Thats just a guess...but thats close to what a heater core cost on my '98 Dodge truck.

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