Gas tank fill pipe


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Gas tank fill pipe

ARRGH! Along with the seat belt I have just found the answer to a vexing problem I have been having.
Car is a 1994 Toyota Corrolla 2T1AE04B9RC------. The gas pipe fill pipe running from the fill door to the flexible joint has developed a whole in it. How hard and where are the instructions to replace this pipe myself It appears to be the molded type with corners and direction changes as oppossed to straight fill.
Appreciate and help.
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The pipe shouldn't be terribly difficult to replace; finding instructions might be a chore. Just stuck my head under the back of my daughter's '95. Looks like on the bottom end one hose clamp at the lower end and a bracket bolted to the frame. Looks like maybe the wheel and inner fender well plastic maybe to access the top end or get clearance to snake it out. Looking in the gas door the trim piece has 4 screws and behind that I suspect would be the actual attaching hardware.
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Tow guy

Thanks for taking the time for the look-see. I crawled around under mine and came to the same conclusion. But I found lots of suprises with these JApanese cars in the past. Like retainers where there never would expect, etc. Think I will visit some "salavage" yards and see if there are any available and if the salvage guys have any insight.

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