Hub Bearing replacement


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Hub Bearing replacement

Guys, I'm out of my league here so maybe you can help.My friend has a 2000 Toyota
Sienna that Dobbs says needs a hub bearing on the rear. They are wanting 695.00 to do it. Is that not High.
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4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive?

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I'd say it's about an hour job with all tools available. Hub should be around $200 or less. DIY.
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I would check a few places out. That seems kind of high. I just had one done on a blazer, and I only paid $350.00
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Just did mine in the front

I just did mine on my Buick Rendezvous. It took about 2 hours (mostly trying to break the axle nut loose with the socket/breakers bar). Real easy to do. I went to Advance Auto (they loan the sockets and torque wrench at a deposit cost that is returned to you. Also they have no time limit on loaning the tools) to buy my wheel bearing. Two bolts to remove the brake caliper, disconnect my speed sensor cable, take off axle nut (breaker bar with attached pipe), remove the three bolts for wheel bearing. Suggest using penetrating oil for bolts, grease for ease on sliding in the bearing and bolts/nut, and if needed a torch to heat up bolt(s)/nut to loosen. There is a lot of rust that accumulates, and rust never sleeps. Reverse order on installation. Know your torques for your model is a must. And torque axle nut after tire is installed and its on the ground. Check out some youtube videos to get an idea of what is performed. It's easy, and bucks to be saved if done properly.

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