Not a fuel pump problem


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Not a fuel pump problem

I have a 2002 Kia Rio and have an identical issue. This is not a fuel pump or a fuel pump relay issue. When turning the ignition key the fuel pump relay is supposed to click. This is to set the fuel pump in motion for two seconds during the ignition sequence. The fuel pump relay does not click when it is experiencing the issue but does right before the fuel pump works. I mention this to eliminate any question about the fuel pump being the problem. If the relay clicks then the pump hums and the car starts. When it doesn't click you get no fuel and the engine turns over as though the car was on empty.

I have swapped out the relay several times with the same results. The ignition is working for other functions including the starter. So I am left with either a very intermittent wiring issue or some form of sensor or computer function that stops the fuel pump sequence from sending the control voltage to the relay.

If anyone has solved this or has any insight into the piece or device that sends the control voltage to the relay please advise as I have found that both Chilton and Haynes do not print a manual for this car.
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Moved you post to a fresh thread from that three year old one.

I'll try to give you some general guidance, this won't be Kia specific. The two second run time on the initial turn of the key is to pressurize - prime if you will - the system. The signal to do this comes from the computer. Once the key is turned to "start" the fuel pump is normally powered either through the oil pressure sender or with a signal from the ignition system that tells the computer the engine is rotating. On my truck it's both, during normal operation the fuel pump is powered via both. I really think you are going to need a wiring diagram to properly troubleshoot it, but I suspect you are on the right track with your thinking. has schematics for your Kia.

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Just did a quick look through of those schematics on autozone's site and didn't see the fuel pump circuit, but I may have missed it.

Repair manuals are available; here's one sample but there are lots of others up to and including a brand new paper factory manual for about $135:

Service & Repair Manual KIA RIO **** 2001 - 2005 **** | eBay

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