rear drum/shoe question, Chevy 10 bolt


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rear drum/shoe question, Chevy 10 bolt

I have a 10 bolt Chevy rear end in my 1953 Ford F100, I didn’t build the truck, therefore I don’t know what the rear end is out of. I do know that it is an 8.5” ring gear/3.42 ratio, and a 10 bolt. I thought that it was out of a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo until I replaced the wheel cylinders and a 1978 Camaro wheel cylinder was what fit it. My drum has max diameter stamping of 9.590”, so I assume that it is a 9.5” drum. The machined breaking surface inside the drum is 2.5” wide, but both the Camaro and the Monte Carlo both spec out a 9.5” shoe that is 2” wide. Is it possible that the drums braking surface normally could be an extra ˝” wider than the shoe or is this the wrong shoe? All hardware is new as well and it all seems to fit.

I replaced these shoes a while back and they have drug in the drum since day 1. When I pull out with no foot on the brake, whether going forward or reverse, they drag and make a noise. When I removed the shoes, although the short shoe fits the diameter well, the secondary shoe rocks in the drum a bit. The wear pattern is mainly on the top of the shoe and the center of the shoe is untouched some 200 miles later.

Any suggestions? Is there such thing as a 2.25" or a 2.5" shoe? How can I figure out for sure which brake shoes are the correct ones?
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just for grins, try putting it together without the park brake push rod/bar that goes from shoe to shoe under the wheel cyl.
give it a road test?
the drum wear surface will be wider than the actual shoe lining.
a portion of the drum fits into a channel in the backing plate- as a water/dirt deflector-that will account for say 1/4" / the other 1/4" on the outer edge of the shoe would be considered 'normal'
& are you sure the drum diameter is not too large/ over bored beyond specs.
that will cause odd wear spots on the shoe.
are you sure/ or can you tell , if there is a 'backing plate side' of the shoe?/ is there any reinforcement layers of metal on the arc part of the steel brake shoe, if so that is the outer side of the shoe. - as in there is a left & a right pair of shoes?
hope this 'may' help ?

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