Grand Prix with light brown trans fluid


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Grand Prix with light brown trans fluid

I have been looking for a used car. I looked at a 2004 Grand Prix GT with 85k miles. I pulled the trans dipstick, and the fluid was light brown in color, like new motor oil, and had a faint oder like axle grease. The dipstick said Dextron III. I am familiar with Dextron fluid as I use it in my Grand Am. It is always red when new and has a distnict oder. I have seen cars with burnt trans fluid and it still has a distinct oder and is a darker brown. At least as dark as the red that it started out as.

The car seemed to drive ok, but shifted smoother than my Grand Am at WOT. I would expect the Grand Prix to shift a little harder than a Grand Am.

Did GM use anything different for the fluid in these cars? Would someone actually put some type of grease or motor oil the the trans?
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Over time fluid will lose its red color and turn brown. The smell is more of an indicator than the color. No one can tell you what has been put in it,but if I bought it I would change the fluid very soon. I do this with every vehicle I buy then I have a bench mark to go by.

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