2002 PT cruiser front end noise

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2002 PT cruiser front end noise

Hi all,

I am having an issue with my 2002 PT cruiser with 31,000 miles on it. It seems like there is a whining noise from the front end. Almost like a jet engine winding up as the car goes from about 20 and above. As the car slows down its like it winds down as well. It is not real loud but a bit annoying. I have tried while going about 40 to shut the car engine off and the noise is still there. I have also shifted to nuetral while moving and the noise is till there. I am wondering what this could be. I now it has a bad control bushing on one side and was wondering if it wore through maybe it is resonating through the metal causing this. Any other thoughts. There is no vibration or shimmy or anything like that.
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my guess would be a hub/wheel bearing. or a stub axle -support bearing.
try- 35/40 mph - move the steering enough to cause the veh 'sway'/load one hub bearing more than the other- if this increases the noise -it's a hub bearing.
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While it does sound that a hub bearing is a likely candidate, sometimes this kind of noise can come off of tires depending on road surface. This is especially true when driving on concrete surfaced roads which are more common in some geographic areas than others. Can you confirm both that your tires are still in good condition and inflated correctly, and also that this noise is duplicated regardless of the road surface you are driving on? In my location I am constantly driving on concrete surfaced toll roads and even with new rubber on all 4 it sounds as if a 747 is overhead with the same high pitched whine that also increases or decreases with speed. In my case there is no issue on asphalt surfaces.
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whine is something spinning fast.
there are not that many pieces up front that will whine. pulleys; bearings; power steering pump; a/c compressor; bearings in front axle. maybe I am speaking based on my GM vehicle hub bearing, but hub bearings are so large, I simply do not see them whine. fans. vacuum lines. one of the guys here had whining wiper motor or relay. transmission component, like output shaft bearing, differential.
I'd start with jackstanding front end, turing engine on, engaging D, and slowly "accelerating". It might be much much easier to locate the origin of the whine. ANd if you have none then, as wheels are up in the air - and it comes back with wheels on the pavement, then yes, it's somewhere in wheels.

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