1999 Blazer Rear Brakes Smoking

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1999 Blazer Rear Brakes Smoking


My Sister has a 1999 Blazer and the rear brakes were down to the sensor and scraping. I replaced the rotors and pads on each side. When replacing them I noticed that after I pushed the piston back in and put the new pads on, the caliper was VERY, VERY tight going over pads.

I took it for a test drive and when I got back both sides were hot. The rotor had some blue-ness to it and there was some smoke coming from each side.

Two questions I had:

1 - All 4 pads came in a pouch. Two had a dab of blue paint on the notch. What does this mean? Should i put the two blue ones together? Does it distinguish inside or outside? I don't know.

2 - When you put the pads in they fit into metal clip things. These were kind of rusty and the even after cleaning them up the pads did not slide in too well. Should I replace these too? What are they actually called?

I have done many discs before but i have never seen the caliper so tight over the pads. Am I missing some little trick with this make and model?

Any responses are very appreciated.

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I'd start with checking new rotor thickness. You did not say where you bought yours. If it's "cost efficient aftermarket", it simply may be too thick. Blue-ish it is because it overheated. If you smoked it, good chance is you boiled brake fluid and you may end up bleeding brakes.
I doubt you have sticky calipers on both sides. I do not doubt you did everything right, as experienced person that done it before.
Also, were there any shims or things of that nature on the brake pads? sometimes manufacturers add anti squeal shims that are clipped over the metal pad base. does not take too much to make everything too thick for caliper to fit over.

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