Repair costs for Explorer


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Repair costs for Explorer

Hi all,

I have a 2003 ford explorer limited 4x4 that I purchased from the Ford dealer in April. It has had the dreaded wheel bearing issues that are so common. The vehicle was out of warranty recently however, in good faith they did the following over a two month period with no cost to me. they changed both rear knuckles, hubs,bearings and plates the first time. Then one went on the front so they replaced the right front hub. Now everything seems fine after getting this all straightened out. My question is what do you think the cost was for all these repairs total for parts and labor from a dealer ( just curious) and second if the last front one goes in the future, how much do you think it would cost for this. Thanks here in New York.
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I had a front wheel bearing replaced last month. It wasn't done at the dealer, and it was on a blazer, but they should be about the same, it cost me $350.00. I only get dealership work done if it has to be there.
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from what i remember,( have not done this in 2 + years) the ft hubs are about $190,
+ 1 ? hour labor ( $95 ) per side.-easily done my a DIY type mech!
the rear knuckle bearings $110,+ 2? + hours lab-per side( NOT easily done, at the DIY level !!) / with out the proper tools & press, almost-IMPOSSIBLE !
now, you mentioned that the dealer replaced the rear knuckle/ hub & bearing as an assembly?-correct?
when I was at the dealer, that was not an option ! - while considerably!! less labor intensive , the parts would have to be expensive!
ALSO, J Cft. , the rear drive axle , differential carrier bearings -are a known source of noise/failure!!
may be this will answer your question ?
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I mean no offense or disrespect, but you realize that Explorers were the most returned models under Obama's exchange program? I understand times are tough, but it's a minefield to own.
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I have 03 explorer limited v8 with 71k miles original owner and have (premature?) front wheel bearing groans. (Also just replace all rotors due to heat cracks which assumed may be premature?) FOMOCO says they won't help with good will especially since they have no reports or these problems. Right! VA dealer wants $470 to replace drivers side front wheel bearing and warns that sometimes one side problem means other side also a problem. Groaning noise heard and felt in steering wheel when turn right which says pressure on left side.
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I'm not sure what you are calling a groaning noise, a hydraulic noise made by lets say a low fluid condition to me is a groan but there is also a kind of a groan made by a bad lower ball joint during a turn or at least during the rotation of the hub while turning. If it's not a 4wd then it is a simple repair if you can run a wrench safely and of course own a set. I have changed both the fronts and rears on my wifes GMC jimmy but they had like 2 billion miles on them....... Get someone to help you drive and listen to aid in the diagnosis.
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Hub bearings are not that difficult change if you have a basic understanding of the front end. The hub bearings you can find on E-Bay. I have used a place called Detroit Axle. Think last ones I bought were a pair for a Dodge truck I paid around $80 for the pair.
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We have a high mileage GMC Jimmy and the wheel bearings have all gone bad but at the proper mileage. i replaced them all with the jippo wheel bearings found on the internet and usually within 15000 miles I got to replace them all again...... using the more expensive OEM parts. Just a thought
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That's true somewhat. I have also replace both in a 1997 GMC Jimmy from the company I mentioned and they are still going after 40.000 miles. I have some other parts I have bought off the internet go bad quick and a few that didn't. Also had some OEM fail quick too.

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