Radiator flush and fill 2000 Ford Wimdstar

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Radiator flush and fill 2000 Ford Wimdstar

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar and need to do a radiator flush and fill on it but never have and was wondering how much trouble it is to do it. If anyone can help on this it would help.

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buy flush kit from any parts store. comes with instructions and pictures. keep in mind, they have tendency to leak later on.

or, you can simply drain some coolant, add radiator flush, and drive on it for few days. then, bring engine to normal temperature, so that thermostat opens, remove(very carefully, gloves and such) radiator cap, set heater core to max heat, stick garden hose into radiator neck, turn water on, turn engine on, and let it all run until only clear water is coming out of radiator neck. of course, it's brutal on environment, as you have it all draining down on dirt.
then, you shut everything down, drain radiator via drain plug, drain engine via drain plug if it has one, or disconnect lower radiator hose, if it does not have one. then, you refill with specified coolant or one that is a factory match, and follow air bleeding procedure for your car.

level of messiness - 9 out of 10. give it to a shop, not dealer, as they can catch most of coolant into something. Otherwise, if you want to be nice to nature, you can drain yourself, but you still need to run water through with garden hose, and it will still spill a lot of coolant leftover on the ground.

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