Hook up battery backwards


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Hook up battery backwards

Hello Everyone,
I hooked up my battery backwards on my 67 Datsun 1600. It started to smoke and now it doesn't work at all. Anybody have any suggestions?
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When you let the smoke out of your electrical system--yougot problems. I guess you already know that so I would suggest you start a thorough visual inspection of the entire electrical system
This is time consuming and many electrical wires will show signs of excessive heat, even in the electrical tape wrapped around the wire clusters.
There is MUCH damage that can be done, including the electrical components--alternator, radio, engine control etc.
Some vehicles have a "fuse link" this is simply a smaller wire spliced into a larger wire.
In most cases, it will be close to the positive cable.
You might consider disconnecting the battery cables and use a small battery charger connected to the cables.
This will be low voltage that will be much safer then using the battery
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Hopefully some of the protection devices such as fuseable links and fuses did their job and opened up the main circuits. That car is pretty basic when it comes to wiring complexity also. I would start by going through doing some electrical continuity checks using a simple Volt Ohm meter for instance and confirm all cables and fuses and see what is open after the reverse polarity hit you gave it. If there are no dash lights on for instance it all may be just blown out fuses/main link. Check it all out first before you open up your second case of brown soda trying to figure out where to find a new starter, and alternatior and and and.
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yeahhh... I had it done last year to my son's Civic. we sold it. as is. good luck, buddy. cars do not appreciate that done to them.

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