sign of door open pop up while driving


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sign of door open pop up while driving

I have a peaugeot 307 model 2006, after driving few minutes the door open sign pops up suddenly and shock the car, and the car performance and acceleration becomes bad. when I check the doors I find them locked well. please help me to know the reason
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Do you have the ability to have the codes read by a parts house or some mechanic? Sudden loss of acceleration and bad performance can be traced to the actual component if you read the codes. Check the owner's manual if you can't get someone to read the codes. It may tell you how to do it with the ignition switch while watching the dash lights.
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It's a French car....w/out a doubt its some sort of safety feature that when it shows a door open it restricts the performance of the vehicle.

Does it show which door is open?

It's what ever type of sensor the car uses, (magnetic, proximity, switch) and that's where you should look. It could also be a problem with the wiring between the door and the frame where it bends when opening.

They haven't been sold in the US (our primary area of help) for almost 30 yrs I I doubt anyone is really an expert on them.
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honest to god suggestion - find Peugeot forum and ask there. it is so much of an odd car here..

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