1989 Dodge Spirit ES


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What is it that makes a knocking noise when I accelerate? When I get to a certain speed it stops. It's around by the oil tank somewhere. How do I stop it? e-mail me. THANKS!!
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Cool Knock knock, who's there?

Hi Chris,

Please reply to this thread, by clicking 'post reply'. Do not start a new thread each time or I will lose track of this dialog.

Your water pump is not the cause of your knocking.

Does the knocking sound get faster as the engine goes faster?
At what speed does the knocking sound stop?
Does it knock louder as you go faster?
Does it knock while idling?
Park the car, accelerate the engine; does it knock even when the car is parked?

How many miles on the odometer?
Is the engine oil full and clear or discolored milky?

I am hunting for something to hang my hat on but need more information.

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1989 Dodge spirit ES

Hello Mark,
Thanks for replying!! Now to answer your questions.
Yes, as the engine goes fatser so does the knocking.
The knocking sound seems to stop at about merely about 20-30mph. But it still seems to continue. As I go faster the knocking gets louder. It doesn't knock while idling. It even knocks when it is parked and I step on the accelerator.
It is 154,000+ miles on the odometer. I just purchased the car the 22nd of December. I changed the oil and got a new oil filter the 24th. I read the car manual and I think it's "Spark Knock". It says that about all cars if a knocking occurs around the engine, you might have to purchase your gas from another source. Does that mean go to a different gas station or just change gases. I used to put 'Gold' gas in the car, but I don't remeber if it was knocking then.
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Cool I hear you knocking but you can't come in. (song)

Hi Christ,

The spark knock you refer to is commonly known as 'pinging'. Pinging sounds like a marble dropping into a coffee can. I think the two main causes for pinging are:

1. Low octane gasoline. Your owners manual will tell you what grade gas to buy. Usually 87. Buy a tank of high octane (89) and see if that fixes things.

2. Ignition timing is retarded.
Pinging gets worse as you accelerate or go uphill. The sounds tends to come and go as you drive.

There is another knock sound produced by worn main journal bearings. This sound is more constant, louder, and you might even feel the knocking. It sounds like someone is hitting the engine with a big hammer.

There is another knock sound, with many names, that is produced by valve train problems, called a tappet knock. Sounds more like a 'tap' than a knock. Use a broom handle or rubber hose as a stethoscope. Place it on the valve cover and listen, moving it down the length of the cover, to see if you can find a spot that is much louder than the rest of the valve cover. Do this while the knock is occurring.

Please check your oil today, again. Perhaps your recent oil change was flawed and you have a filter leak or are a quart low after the refill. This oil level is critical. Check and let us know.

I'm not quite sure how to pinpoint this yet. I will think on it a spell. Meanwhile, check the oil and reply with any new information about the sound.

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most cars with over 100,000 miles,especially if they hevan't had the best of care,are pretty worn out;and yours is a chrsyler product!If it was the water pump,it would leak;I had a buick that had a relly bad water pump and it didn't make noise at all!i think it could be the bearings;maybe something is just loose,like the fan.
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Thumbs up

Check and see if the flyplate is loose I have the same car and my mechanic tighten the plate and she runs fine
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