Acura MDX Remote control Doesn't work.


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Acura MDX Remote control Doesn't work.

Hello There.

2007 Acura MDX.

Use remote to lock/unlock door or trunk. But nothing happen.
-I got two set of remote, one never use and it doesn't work eith. so it not a remote control issue.
-I check all the fuses. They seem fine.

I have no idea what else to do. Please help.

Thanks all.
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Try replacing the battery in one of the remotes. If it still does not work then it is probably time to visit the dealer.
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no. it's not.

even if you replace the battery - which is possible for a 5 yo car - you will still need to do remote recognition procedure. every time battery is removed, due to rolling codes, fob is not recognized by ECM anymore and needs to be learned.

What you need to start with, is to find out proper procedure for this for you car and make. Say, on my Silverado, I need to stand next to driver side door, press and hold locl+unlock keys for more than 5 seconds, locks cycle, and now fob is recognized.

Every car with remote has similar. That's a good starting pint. I SERIOUSLY doubt both fobs went bad on you. Unless your receiver died, but I have never heard of that.

btw, buttons on remotes oxidize over time. remote stops working. take remote apart, get to rubber press plate underneath the buttons, and clean it either with electrical spray cleaner, or simply with pencil eraser. ta-dah!
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Thanks for the reply guys. One of the remote is never been use. So it is brand new. I doubt it is the remote or the battery issue. Can it be actuator or the receiver. ? I don't mind to bring in to the dealer. Last time my o2 sensor light came up because of the a fuse. and it cost me 154.00. I don't want to pay for something this silly.

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