92 Honda Accord Idler Control Valve


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92 Honda Accord Idler Control Valve

Gas mileage horrible, idles high, dealer says idler control valve and entire throttle body needs to be replaced. $500 price tag.

I understand if a car hasn't been in a salvage yard too long, a salvage one should be ok.

I am also told that a shop that does some work for me can fix the one I have. How? Is it a DIY thing?

We used some seafoam earlier this year, stuff like that.

Suggestions? Advice?
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The dealer is probably the LAST place to take your car... the repairs will certainly exceed the car's value !!

Try the shop that you know.
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just take idler valve out and clean it. it is coolant warmed, or whatever, and builds up sedoment inside, like an old kettle. it's quite a job, as it has tiny coolant lines connected to it and they are pita to disconnect. then simply take cover off, clean it all inside, and blow some brake cleaner through every hole.
I bet you can also do same to throttle body. simply take it off and give it good bath.
sounds DIY well enough to me.

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