1988 Isuzu Trooper


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1988 Isuzu Trooper

1988 Isuzu Trooper starts when cold but wont start when warmed up
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First step will be to determine if it's a spark or fuel delivery issue. Start with spark. When it's in the no start mode, remove a plug wire and lay it near a metalic surface (ground); crank engine and see if you see spark. First check for fuel delivery would be to see if the fuel pump is running; remove fuel filler cap and listen carefully while someone else turns the key to "on" (not "start"; don't try to crank right away, it makes it hard to hear the pump). When the key is turned to "on" you should hear the pump run for about 2 seconds then stop. This is the computer telling the pump to prime the system with initial pressure. If you don't hear the pump run, probably bad pump. On the ignition issue, several possibilities, but first have to narrow it down some.
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Once the vehicle is started and driving does it run normally until it is shut off? Does it ever stall when driving? Does your vehicle have a carb, or is it injected? The more information we have the more we can offer possible places to check and potential causes. If for example the cause is related to engine heat, it could be something like the ingition module failing when hot, high tension cables failing even, but it can also be many other things including sensor related that also can fail with heat. If you can isolate the basic issue around fuel delivery verses ignition spark that will be a good start point as the tow guy suggested. Also can you provide mileage and what routine maintenance has been done or neglected.

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