Self-Correcting Sway Bar?


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Self-Correcting Sway Bar?

Hey everyone,

I was told by pep boys that the sway bar on my dodge stratus was actually moved over towards the driver's side front control arm, and that although the sway bar is not touching the control arm, when I go over a bump or make a left turn there is a "thumping" sound from the sway bar hitting the control arm.

I'm about to get a new car soon anyway so it's not much of an issue, but my curiosity question is this: when I took my car on the parkway on high speeds, I noticed that the "thumping" noise stopped.

Even when I got off the parkway and drove at typical high way and residential speeds, the "thumping" noise was greatly reduced.

Is it possible that the high speeds of the parkway actually "Pulled" or corrected the position of the sway bar?

Thanks for your time everyone
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From my experience with sway bars, thumping noises are either from worn bushings that attach the bar to the underbody of the vehicle or from worn links that attach it to the suspension. When you drive on smooth surfaces you probably will not notice any play in either of these components and therefore will not hear any knocking or thumping, at least based on what I have found. I don't know about all Dodge products in this regard, and which components wear out first on them, but I do remember in the past year more than one issue with PT Cruiser swaybars that I believe were bushing related.

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