2007 Chrysler Battery Warning Light


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2007 Chrysler Battery Warning Light

I heard a noise in the front of the engine on my wife's 2007 Chrysler 3.5 litre V6 (45000 Miles) and opened the hood to see if I could pin it down, but it faded before I could find the culprit. On the way home, I got a battery light that stayed on until I got to my garage. I hooked up an alternator/ battery tester and restarted the engine. Warning light was off, no bearing noise, and the meter that tests alternator output was at 14 volts. I did a load test on the battery and it held in the green zone for 10 seconds fine. Im figuring that I MUST have a bearing in the serpentine system failing, but which one?
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well, find yourself a piece of 3-4 feet long, 1/2 inch or so plastic tubing. ideally, you'd like to have that noise present. then simply place one end of tubing against your ear and the opposite one against - safely! - spinning pulleys brackets. to pinpoint the source.
some say, you can also use garden hose.
if alternator light came up, I bet ya it's alternator bearing going bad.
In my experience, idler pulley is next in line. Followed by water pump and a/c clutch bearing.
out of 19 cars we owned, every single one always had some sort of noise coming out of alternator bearing, and some of them ran well into close to 300 000 miles with it. I have never had a completely quiet alternator.
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I am thinking that it may all be related and yet it may not. To be sure I would suggest having your BCM checked for fault codes. These days almost all electrical requirements are handled through that computer, including voltage regulation. I would wait until the noise occurs again if it does and try and isolate it as ukrbyk suggests below. For now until the error fault code checks are made I would treat both situations as from a different cause. Just my opinon.
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I would suspect the belt tensioner pulley.

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