Jeep starting problem


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Jeep starting problem

I have a 2006 jeep grand cherokee with a v6 motor.During the last couple of weeks at times the car would not start. The battery is two years old.When this happens the vehicle will not start with a jump.
The interior light,radio ,heater and horn all work.With the headlights on
I turn the ignigtion and the light do not dim.If I let the car sit for a while it has started.I disconnected the battery and hooked the jumper to the cables but the motor would not turn over.Once the motor warm up I no longer have a problem.I have nintynine thousand miles on it. I
would appreciate any help you can give me.Thank You in advance
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I'd look at connections to the solenoid for the starter...or the solenoid itself. Not sure if yours is attached to the starter or mounted elsewhere.

Do you even here a click when turning the key?
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Also defective ign switch or neutral safety switch.
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Thank You

Thanks to all who responded.I took the jeep to a garage.He said
it was the starter which he replaced.I hope he was right!The jeep
has started every time and seems to be turning over much faster
than before.Still makes me worry because of the way it all went down.
thanks again RON
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Sometimes when a starter motor goes bad they'll work ok when cold but when they heat up they struggle. It sounds like the problem has been taken care of

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