Tire Repair


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Tire Repair

Hi: We just picked up a large nail in one of our tires [195 x 60 x15]

The side wall, about mid way, on the inside wall, was cut. Cut is about

5/8 of an inch wide.

The tire has very good tread life left. There was a time when a patch

[or boot as they were called] could be placed on the inside wall.

Is this done anymore? Any/all help appreciated.
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I doubt you'll find a place that will patch a cut on the sidewall. If they would I sure wouldn't trust their repairs.

A puncture through the tread is one thing...sidewalls are another.

Some people might say patch it and then put a tube in...another bad idea for a tire on a road vehicle. They just aren't designed for tubes.
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Nope, sidewall defect means new tire.
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They make boots to patch tires, but they are for like farm tractor tires. low speed low pressure off road tires. The patch is heat sealed to the inside of the tire, to keep the inner tube from coming out. When your spending over a $100.00 for a tube, you don't want it coming out of the tire. And when you are spending over $1500.00 for a tire, you don't want to throw it away. A car tire side wall flexes to much, to safely patch it. It can be done, but it is far from safe, and putting a tube in it, will make it even more dangers.
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If it is a radial tire, you may be looking at 2 tires (one for each side) if you want to get maximum comfort, performance and life.


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