clunking after wheel bearing replacement


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clunking after wheel bearing replacement

Hi all,

I changed my wheel bearing in my 2002 PT cruiser over the weekend. I bacically pulled the steering knuckle myself and then took the knuckle to a repair shop and they pressed out the old bearing and installed the new. MY question is now after all has been put back together it seems like there is now some clunking going on when going over bumps. It seems to be happening when either one of the wheels is going into a depression in the road or up onto a hump like when turning into parking lot from the road. If both wheels hit a bump at the same time it doesn't happen. I was careful to make sure the following were tight that I took off
1) both knuckle to strut bolts/nuts
2) tie rod end nut
3) BAll joint was seated on the knuckle and clamp tightened. There is a groove in the ball joint so the bolt will only go in when ball stud is in the right position
4) caliper bolts were tightened

Also, does a wheel alignment need to be done after doing this. The manual says only if there are camber adjusting bolts present an alignment needs to be done. HOw do you know if these are present and where would these be located. I was careful that the tie rod end did not move when doing this. Thanks
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Sounds like a bad sway bar end link
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That wouldn't be the first PT Cruiser discussed on this forum with sway bar knocking. I am thinking the same as 2granddaughters that the links are worn and once reattached the one involved may now be in a slightly different configuration allowing for more play at the link ball joint. If you replace one, I would do the other side as well.

Other PT issues on this forum if I can remember have been around the sway bar bushings themselves, and play in them where it attaches to the underbody. That requires getting the vehicle up and using a pry bar for example to check for play and looseness of the bar at the bushing areas.

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