1998 Jeep Cherokee Electrical Problems


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1998 Jeep Cherokee Electrical Problems

I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee that is having electrical problems.
1) The left front marker lights(below the headlight) do not work.
2) The left front side marker light does not work.
3) The left tail light does not work.
4) The above lights will flash when the turn signals/ hazards are turned on.
Also I have noticed that the license plate light does not work either(it has been replaced).

I have replaced all the bulbs but that hasnt helped at all.
I have checked all fuses and the right side works fine.

Any help would be appreciated
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Have you checked for a bad ground? There's a few ways you can check that. Probably best with a multi-meter and one of the bulb sockets positives and a negative to the car body. Another way (kinda rigged), a jumper cable (just the negative) from the negative battery terminal stretched as far as it goes clipped somewhere near the rear of the car on the frame, body, etc.

If the fuses check out OK and the lights are on different circuits and other electronics are working OK, I'm betting its a ground issue.
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Thanks for the reply.

It turned out to be a fuse after all, after checking it again I dicovered it had a very small hairline crack in it. I checked the wiring diagrams the license light is on the same circuit as the left side.

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