Ghost in my speedo.


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Ghost in my speedo.

The speedo on my Ford 2003 Excursion V10 will work and not work, when driving will go from current speed to zero and back again.Dose this about every time I drive it,and if it does it to many times during the drive the O/D light on the gear selector well blink.Were would be the best place to start to look to solve the problem, know that there are about three senors that might control the speedo. I think there is one on the trans ,one in the trans and one on the diff, not sure which one to start with. Thanks
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Do you have any problem with the trans shifting?
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I would start by checking all related connectors. Best to disconnect and then re connect them. There is an intermittent some where.
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If it has ABS, could also be a wheel speed sensor. A worn cable, or poor connection going to this sensor will also cause this erratic behavior. As wrench mentions it can also cause the transmission not to shift properly without correct speed information if this is the cause.

Another possibility is also the cluster itself.

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