Door Dent Repair


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Door Dent Repair

Large but shallow dents on drivers side doors, due to teenager. Would like to know if I can repair this ding on my own. No paint damage, just mild dings. Any Ideas?
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Going to be impossible to answer this without some pictures. Everything is relative you know.
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How old is the vehicle and how perfect do you want the repair? All relative also. If you are looking for a pro level repair in most cases you will not achieve that yourself, and often can cause additional visual issues by attempting this on a vehicle you want to look perfect. These days with character lines on panels, and light weight high strength rolled steel, the simple suction cup type fix is often not going to work. Consider contacting the many people who only specialize in dent repair, and who often will come to your drive. These guys are used by 'detailing' shops all the time because they are fast, fairly reasonable as independant specialists compared to large overhead laden repair shops and with these people their work is usually very good. That has been my experience.
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I had a small dent on the wheel fender of my car, I took it to one of the paintless dent repair places and they fixed it for $50 in about half an hour. Can't tell there was ever a dent.
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sometimes you can smack door shut on the opposite side, and it'll pop your dents out due to created high air pressure. that works on large, smooth door skin dent. of course, if there's no metal corrugation across it.
I use my wife's meat grinder with suction cup table attachment to pull something like this out.
heck, you could prolly use your cell phone or GPS suction cup.
or this: 2-1/4" Vacuum Suction Cup Handle Dent Puller: Automotive
anything that has creases or sharp edges in it will need to be hammered out.
every dents pulls back as a bump, because metal stretches when dented.

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