Beware the sticking O-ring from old oil filter


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Beware the sticking O-ring from old oil filter

Changed oil 8 days ago; have done many oil/filter changes before. The old O-ring from the old filter stuck to the engine block and I didn't see it. Had two O-rings sandwiched on there and after a whole tank of gas, old one split and put oil all over the parking lot. One AAA trip later and we are back in bid-ness.
Beware the sticky O-rings!
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That reminds me the first oil change I ever did in shop class.
It was a '67 Impala with a canister type oil filter and the instructor warned me several times to be careful when re-installing the canister that the seal stays in place.
Immediately after starting the engine one of the students points to the shop floor as oil is pumping out all over the place......hah!
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I don't ever remember having the gasket stick on a spin on filter but I know about the old canister type filters - my old tractor has one. I typically spend as much time getting the new gasket seated properly as I do with the rest of the oil change. It's always a good idea to crank it up and check for leaks after every oil change
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The one time my wife had the oil changed in her Subaru by a professional shop they left the old O ring in place and of course it dripped. I'm fanatical about oil spots on the floor in the garage so caught it right away but it required another trip to town to have the shop fix their mistake. That "hire someone to save time" ended up taking twice as long as me changing the oil myself.
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I've never had one stick and I always check.

Had a buddy who got his oil changed at a shop suddenly find the engine knocking and the idiot light on the dashboard driving down the freeway afterward - that oil leaves in a hurry.
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I've always changed my own oil except once a long time ago. There was a foot of snow on the ground [me with no shop/garage] and a local service station had a special - $2 oil and filter change [I told you it was a long time ago ] so I let them change it. Went on to work and the security guard came and told me my car was leaking a lot of oil. I told him my car didn't leak but I went out there to look. There was a big puddle, the idiots cross threaded the drain plug Had to add 2 quarts to get home and another 2 quarts in the morning before I took it back. They replaced the plug with a self tapping plug [that I didn't have a wrench to fit] and refilled it with oil although they wouldn't reimburse me for the 4 qts I had to buy in the previous 12 hrs.

Needless to say, I've never paid or had anyone else change my oil for me.
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I'm told those gorillas use impact wrenches to tighten drain plugs and wheel-lugs. Can that be true?
I've never gone near a 'quicky-quicky' lube joint and never will.
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I know the sound of an impact wrench (seeing as I own three) and have never heard one used when getting my oil changed at one of those places where you stay in the car while they do it.

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