2000 Silverado lower control arm replacement


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2000 Silverado lower control arm replacement

Happy Holidays all

I was swapping out rotors on my 2000 Silverado, and found that driver side lower control arm front bushing is going bad. Not completely, but getting there.
Looked in Chilton, they say to remove torsion bar, antisway bar, driveaxle, some minor items, in order to remove control arm.
New CA with bushings and ball joint pressed in is only $155.
Considering winter time, I am open to constructive shortcuts on this. Can I simply remove torsion bar, sway bar, pop the ball joint loose, jack hub up with jackstand and remove CA? Why do I need to have driveaxle removed, if it's above CA and does not appear to have any contact with it?
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Ukrbyk its one of those things you will need to decipher yourself.

Example: To change the rear tire on my Harley the manual state to take half the rear apart. Remove shocks, gaurds, break caliper...etc...

I said no way. This wheel will drop right out. Sure enough I got it jacked up high enough pulled the axle and wiggled it right out.

Now the reason I think they have all that labor in there is so the MoCo can charge you extra hours on the job and take your money. The techs probably slip the tire right out and do it in less time but get paid the full hours its supposed to.

You know what I mean?

I am sure your truck and all vehicles are the same way.

Mike NJ
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I think there's point to it though. I watched few vids on youtube, and it looks like the lower ball joint head is covered by the drive axle where it enters hub. may be no way to pull ball joint stud out of the knuckle without removing driveaxle.

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