2000 GMC JImmy 4X4 problems


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2000 GMC JImmy 4X4 problems

I've got an issue with the 4X4 on my Jimmy, I recently purchased this vehicle knowing it had 4X4 issues. When I first got it the lights on the push button switch on the dash would sometimes not come on and the "service 4X4" light would come on. If I cycled the key several times sometimes the "service 4X4" light would go off and the lights on the push buttons on the dash would light back up and I could use the 4X4. Finally it quite working. I checked the control module behind the passenger kick panel and the large orange plug was all wet and corroded (sp), I cleaned the plug conections and still nothing worked. I replaced the module. Now when I start the vehicle all the lights on the dash push 4X4 switch light up momentarily and then go out and the "service 4X4" light comes back on, is there a way to check the transfer case motor? Any other test suggestions would be great!!

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those are notorious for going bad at low mileage, causing similar symptoms. I had mine changed in my Silverado at 50 000 miles.
DO NOT BUY THEM AT DEALERSHIP, they are much cheaper online and work fine. I have 76 000 miles on aftermarket one I put in.

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