2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee electrical Problems


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2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee electrical Problems

I bought the car (Back in December) and now I am having problems with the electrical system (I think the problem was pre existing but the dealer told me it was fixed, so I listened and obviously they lied) something is draining the battery and I don't know what (The dealer I bought it from found a Remote starter that was partially installed and finished removing it for me, However the car was sold AS-IS so they will not help me anymore they said you are on your own now)

If the car is sitting for more then two days it goes completely dead and not even the door locks or any lights work so I have to use a jump starter to get it to start but it will continue to work fine for the rest of the day but as I said if I let it sit for more then two days when I go to start it the car is completely dead

Anyway does anyone have an idea of what to look for? I had a mechanic friend look at it and he pulled all of the fuses out and it was still measuring a draw on the battery so I am thinking something must be hooked up before the fuse boxes or directly to the battery (With a fuse I hope)

The Jeep is a Limited and is fairy equipped with options
Infinity Gold Audio System and the Auto Temperature Climate Control System and the driver information Center all of that stuff works as expected but there is something still draining the battery

Thanks and sorry for the long post I did not want to exclude any information
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He pulled ALL the fuses? Including the ones for the alternator? Bad diodes can kill the battery.

I'm a Dodge guy but they should be close, under the hood in the PDC.

About the only thing, from the factory, that isn't fused is the starter motor itself.
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Are you certain there is a parasitic drain happening beyond normal drain from a security alarm system, and or the engine management and BCM computers, and that your battery is really capable of holding a full charge? Did you have your battery load tested for example?
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Sorry for the way late reply
anyway It was a drain from the after market remote starter that I myself cut out of the circuit, I should of know better as there was a small 18 AWG conductor wrapped around the + battery terminal (without a fuse!) So I removed and traced that wire to the remote starter control module. But the battery was already damaged + when the stealer-ship put in a new battery they reconnected the remote starter to the battery and used a battery that was 2 sizes too small
So I had a week off from work and I stayed home from Saturday - Saturday and when I went to start the car it started on the first try
I just glad that the car did not go up in flames as the Remote starter was un-fused
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CB, I bought the identical car the other day. Man that thing is boss!! Even 12 years old, everything works perfectly on it. I took out the dated VHS player. No real need for it, but may replace it with a DVD someday. I did buy a factory radio to replace the aftermarket Kenwood the PO installed. Now I can control the radio via the steering wheel buttons and the 10 disk changer works!

Glad you got your problem fixed

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