2002 nissian exterra NO START


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2002 nissian exterra NO START

The starter clicks one time when I try to start it. The suv ran fine until the next morning.Everything works fine lights horn heater
wipers so on and so fourth. Brand new battery.

Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time
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1. oxidized battery cables
2. bad starter. if you can, hit starter few times with hammer HANDLE, not hammer head. If it engages thereafter, replace starter.
3. bad starter ground
basically, click is bendix trying to engage. it's either broken, or you do not have enough power supply to it, as it takes a lot of juice to engage.
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Something also could be going on with the security alarm system and or the involved key. Just something else to check on. Do you have another key to try as a start point also? With the lights on, when you turn the key do they dim at all for example?

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