2004 Ford Explorer brake 4WD issues


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2004 Ford Explorer brake 4WD issues

Yesterday when I got in the care to pick up my daughter from school (@2 miles) my ABS light came on.
Then my truck automatically went into 4WD High without me pressing buttons.
So, I pressed the 4WD Low button (oops) then realized it needed to go into 4WD Auto.
So after that it kept switching to 4WD High and make some awful noises and I kept switching to 4WD Auto.

I am scared to drive it to the repair shop.
I know I may need to have brakes changed, any other thoughts on why it would do that?
We do have small patchs of snow slush...but never encounter this auto switch to 4WD High before.
THanks for any help you can give me.
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well, if you got it into 4LO, you need to know how to get it out of it. on my Silverado, 3 buttons must be pressed in specific order, to get out of 4LO. of course, it's GM, yours is Mazda/Ford. But I'd start with that.

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