1999 Buick Century 3.1 coolant leak, intake manifold?


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1999 Buick Century 3.1 coolant leak, intake manifold?

Have a 1999 Buick Century with the 3.1L and find multiple references on-line suggesting intake manifold is the location. Can anyone advise if this is the upper or lower intake manifold per engine exploded view? Someone had commented you need special tools to remove the lower intake manifold, but do not see how that applies based on the information I found. It appears the vehicle has already had a treatment of Stop leak (Maybe Bar's) as the neck of radiator had residual (slime?) which I suspect was added over a year ago. Car runs fine and no white smoke etc. observed. Just puddle under LH side of engine. I felt under the water pump , appears dry and do not find any residue or antifreeze at that location?
This is an old car with 120K on it and debating if I should just drop in some more Bar's? Will top off antifreeze for now and start watching for leaks at this moment and time.
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oh gosh, been 1994 when I did engine on Century... but all I remember is plenum was single piece sitting on top of engine block, with single gasket. they might have changed it..

but this is not the reason for my post. CAREFUL with slime(?) around radiator neck. it might, as well, be oil-coolant suspension, indicating internal HEAD GASKET leak. which was the case with my Century.

PS bad head gasket will leak out coolant too.

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