2003 Suburban Intake Manifold/Gasket Replacement?


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Wink 2003 Suburban Intake Manifold/Gasket Replacement?

Apparently I have a vacuum leak in my intake manifold. I had a local car shop do some diagnostics, which showed a bad Mass AirFlow Sensor (replaced it myself already) and a leak in the intake manifold gasket. That is a much larger project. Does anyone have experience replacing this gasket on a 2003 Chevy Suburban, 5.3L V8?

Specifically, is it possible for a rookie, and what tools, things would make this easier/possible?

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It isn't especially difficult, I don't think, but it may be a little much for a rookie; it is pretty involved with a lot of stuff to remove for access/removal. If you don't have a decent repair manual, you'll need one or you can have a look at the procedure at Auto Zone's website in the repair section.
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we share same engines. I can even copy you pages from repair manual. or, you can go to any library and look up the job in Chilton. like TG said - it's not that bad, just time taking. LARGE engine, lotsa big sockets and wrenches need, even a step stool, as even for my 6'5'', I have to use one to get anywhere towards engine center.
here's stupid 2 cents. take brake cleaner, and super well clean gasket perimeter. de-grease with something thereafter, like MEK. them use thick layer of red gasket silicone, and put good layer of it all around gasket perimeter. I have fixed minor oil pan oil leak this way, holding for almost 2 yrs by now.

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