driver rearview mirror replacement - Toyota Sienna


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driver rearview mirror replacement - Toyota Sienna

The screws that held the glass/gears to the mounting unit on the outside of the door have stripped. SO ---

I have a new unit. The local shop wants $75 dollars for installation labor. Installation involves removing a triangular molded plastic piece on the inside of the door. I don't know if it's just friction fit or if there are some clips that require a certain technique to release (and where are the clips anyway?)

Any guidance/advice would be appreciated.
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I doubt I can help....but a make and model might be helpful for someone who can.

Oops...sorry I see it's in the title.

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If your are talking about the plastic garnish piece at the corner of the door frame behind the mirror, it most likely is just a friction fit, or has plastic studs moulded into it that go into plastic anchors, or at least that is what Toyota always did in the past along with many other makers. Should just pop off. You should be able to carefully and gently apply a small screw driver or knife blade and it should pull off from there with hand pressure. If it is not this piece, is it a decorative insert on the door trim panel itself that is also covering an attachment screw? It would be better if you could post a photo if not this.
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trim fastener

Not familiar with the make but this job is real similar on many models. That piece of inside trim is usualy held on by 2 or 3 nylon push pins [molded studs with coresponding sockets]. A little gentlle prying with a screwdriver and it comes right off. Pay close attention to any resitance, I've seen some with a lower lip, held in place with a screw or 2 and concealed by the top of the door trim panel, which means another search and find hidden clips, fasteners, screws etc.

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