Minor hail damage -


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Minor hail damage -

I have minor hail damage on my Buick Park Avenue trunk about seven small dents total. I was hoping the sun and heat would pop them out. I want to sell the car now. So I was wondering if there is a way to fix these spots myself?

Does the suction cup for hail damage work? I don't know who even makes it, but have seen it before. I have heard that hail damage repair at a body shop is over the top expensive.

I can't afford anything right now. Just trying to see what I can do to make it better.
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ten years or so ago, we had a real bad hail storm. I have never seen hail so big, only in pictures. I don't know if it works, I was lucky and didn't get any hail damage. But I was told to take a heat gun, and heat the area some what. Then rub it with dry ice, and if the dent isn't to bad, it should pop right out.
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I was going to mention the dry ice, but couldn't remember the exact procedure, just saw it done once on TV.
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to have it done right one, basically has to repaint entire piece. pull dents, fill imperfections with bondo, sand paper, prime, paint. that's why it costs what it costs.
unfortunately, when you make a dent in metal, it does stretch. just popping it back will result in bumps.
heat gun warms up metal and then ice cools it down rapidly, so it shrinks and tends to return to its original form. it will not be perfect and still noticeable. also, chance are, you'll burn paint with heat gun.
you can try using resin - bonding an L-shaped rod to the center of dent, and pulling it up with pliers. then, using resin solvent and moving to another dent.
one way or another, it will be noticeable. NOT washing dirty car helps.
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I tried the dry ice thing every way I could think of and I had 30 lbs of dry ice and didnt accomplish a thing. Find a paintless repair place.Your insurance co can point you in the right direction.

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