Nissan quest 2000 stalls after warming up


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Nissan quest 2000 stalls after warming up

Starts and works great for about 8 to ten minutes after warms begins failing, when press pedal chokes makes kind of exploding sound,its progressive i beleive as what ever it is gets hotter then just dies. I've been told can be fuel pump or distributor how can I verify which it is. Thanks
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How many miles on it and is all the usual routine maintenance up to date? After it dies, does it respond at all to trying to restart it? If it cranks, but won't fire after dying, you can try to eliminate the ignition system as a problem by pulling a plug wire and laying it near a ground source (metal on the engine). When you crank, if you get a good spark then the problem is probably elsewhere, although that's not a 100% guarantee it's not ignition-related. Other test to perform would be a fuel-pressure check; you'll need a gauge for that. Just to cover all bases, you might have it checked for codes, although you didn't mention the check engine light; still doesn't hurt to check. AutoZone and some of the other parts houses will scan for codes for free.
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125,000 miles.After it dies cranks, then I have to wait a couple of hours after engine gets cold I can start it normally but will do same after about eight minutes. I'm going to try other recomendations Thanks
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For sure have it scanned for fault codes, and as The Tow Guy said do all the basic checks. It does seem to be temperature related. Sometimes this can all be caused by a bad temp sensor telling lies to the ECM for example that then will cause a wrong fuel mix after warm up.

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