Erratic Throttle response from 2004 Nissan Maxima LS


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Lightbulb Erratic Throttle response from 2004 Nissan Maxima LS

I took my 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5 to the dealership due to my throttle problems. On the road it would appear as though my transmission would sleep gears or it would get stuck and hesitate to switch to the next gear. I reset the electrical connector for the throttle switch on the throttle body and the problem went away for about 300 miles but then it came back. The dealership told me that they had three codes; P0605 for ECM, P0507 for ISC,P0223 for TP sensor. The technician performed the "Idle Re-lurn" because it was idling to high, cleared all codes and returned it to me. Within 10 miles the problem was back. I then changed the throttle body and took it back to the dealership; so they can perform the idle re-lurn. Drove well for 13 miles only, the same problem is back to hunt me. I'm at a loss now, can any one help me out?
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I don't have a fix, but just as an observation, I would have kept taking it back to the dealership until it was fixed. You paid money, I'm assuming, for it to be fixed and they signed off on a work order that it was fixed. Obviously it's not. I would be holding their feet to the fire to get my money's worth.
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The technicians didn't replace or made serious adjustments to fix the problem. Once I told them that I had previously reset the connector to the throttle body, they moved right into the next step; Relurn idle procedure. I'm kinda glad they didn't try to push to change components right off the bat but this problem is still on my table. I did a search on " website on common problems with this make and model and it seems as though I'm not alone. I'm just wondering if there is something out there they I can do to fix this with out spending a fortune.

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