Air conditoner blows hot air


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Unhappy Air conditoner blows hot air

I have a chevy impala, 2003, it has been well maintained, one owner before myself. Nothing has ever been wrong. This past summer i recieved the car, and a few months later the air condtioner started blowing out hot air. It seems like the passenger side vents blow a little cooler. Heat works fine in winter but summer's apporaching again and its miserable to have no air. Any suggestions???
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Can you get to the blend door actuator that swaps the system from hot to cold? See if it is moving the door. Does the compressor kick on when you turn the switch to cold and turn a/c on? If it does come on does it stay engaged or does it go off and on?
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While as mentioned it could be a blend door issue, I am thinking that most likely being a GM and the age of the car that you have lost the refrigerant. I don't think that the impala had that many common problems with blend door actuators but anything is possible also of course. If there is no refrigerant the compressor should not activate at all, or will cycle on and off continually. Need to have it tested for the leak and for system pressure on both the high and low side. Could be a seal at a pipe connection, or a seal at the compressor as two possibles. It the leak is at a pipe seal, they will replace the o ring pipe connection seal, and recharge the system. If it is a compressor seal then it will need a new compressor, and charge. Sometimes that can cost up near a $1000 at some places depending on the compressor cost and whether you go for new or rebuilt. Staying cool can get costly on older vehicles, but still worth it in the hot summer weather.

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