2008 EX Honda Odyssey AC blows warm air


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2008 EX Honda Odyssey AC blows warm air


My 2008 EX Honda Odyssey AC is not working. It only blows out warm air when it is 78 degrees outside. Please help me on any option that I can try and fix it myself?

Thank you so very much in Advance.

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Start with the basics. When the ac switch is turned on, does the clutch on the compressor engage? You can usually hear the unit "click" and the sound of the egnine will change slightly when it engages; may have to raise the hood and listen closely. Next would be, is the compressor doing its job. For this you can locate the two hoses on the compressor. Check them carefully - be careful of fans and belts - and see if one hose gets hot and the other cool, if so probably working as it should. If you get this far and still no cool air from the outlets, likely you have an issue with the blend door in the ducting. This is the mechanism that controls the temperature of the air exiting the vent and is a common problem when there's no cooling. Don't know about your area, but around here most shops will no a free ac check (they hope you'll let them do the repair or service if needed).
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Thank you 'the_tow_guy'... I'll try to follow the steps you suggested. By any chance you think I need some more freon? how do I check on freon level? Thanks for replying my question so quickly and with a thorough answer. I really appreciate it.

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