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Car MD

I have seen this diagnostic tester on tv that is supposed to be good at telling you what wrong with your car & how much to fix it. Has anybody used one of these before i order one. Thanks for your help
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AFAIK it's nothing more than a code reader. Might actually give the codes in plain English as opposed to just the code, but every reader comes with either software or a website to look the code up.

One big problem I see off the top of my head is that there's no cable to allow you to plug it in and have it in your lap. Not all the connectors are as easy to access as what they show on their website.

You can buy a pretty good reader for about $70-80....though the more expensive ones that actually show you what the different sensors and such are doing in real time, might be a better choice. I bought a name brand on sale at PepBoys for about $50 and it does everything I've ever needed.
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Did a quick browse of reviews on One of the glaring comments - confirmed by a rebuttal by the company - is that it will not reset codes. Thought that was interesting.
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Code readers.........YES they will tell you which circuit has an issue..........They WON'T tell you exactly where the issue is (Sensor/wiring/ECU) That's where a good DVOM, training and a ton of experience come in........These devices give customers the wrong impression that they are now TECHNICIANS......Sorry, but you don't get to be an "A" Tech by staying at a Holiday Inn one evening
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Even if it told you what was wrong and what part to replace you wouldn't be out of the woods. With the electronics today you make one mis step and you have cost yourself way more than the original bill. As for telling you what the cost will be, flat rates vary in different locations,parts prices change, and lots of times there are related parts that need replaced to make the job right.I understand why people are looking for something like this because all mechanics are out to rip you off. Thats why we all have such a lavish lifestyle. I have been begging Tow for a ride on his yatch (sic)
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In my opinion anyone who buys such telemarketed devices will end up storing them under their bed along with the rope and pulley exercise machine they bought the same way. In a year or so they should be in garage sales for about $5.00, so at least they will be recycled. For most people, all they need to do is find a fair and honest repair shop where you always see the same faces, and there still are plenty out there. They are the ones without the big boat parked in the side yard, and the ones that you need to make an appointment with and don't always tell you that you need a new cabin filter, and every other filter and fluid known to man kind flushed and changed on your car.
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I've got a fairly good (non A Mechanic) cabled code reader. It does great on the Cummins and on the Tribute, but Volvo, forget it. I've had a CEL light on for a week and thought I could diagnose it and/or reset it. No way. "unit will not communicate with vehicle" comes up. Gotta take it to a repair facility for volvos, I guess.

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