Sudden loss of power in windows and locks


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Sudden loss of power in windows and locks

Dumb question here I'm sure, but I know nothing about cars.

My wife brought her 2005 Honda Pilot in because the ignition cylinder needed to be replaced. When we got it back, the driver seat control for the non-drive seat power windows doesn't work (each power window can be operated on its own), and the power door locks only work when the engine is running. I reset the "auto" function for the power windows as its laid out in the owners manual but that didnt help. I thought maybe a fuse had blown - my wife said her father checked that & it looked like all fuses were intact but it's possible he is wrong. Any ideas before we bring the car back?

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I'd have to say I wouldn't even mess with it other than checking the fuses again. If it was working before but not after....they must have done something to cause it.

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