'92 Isuzu Rodeo Idle/ running problem at operating temp.


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Question '92 Isuzu Rodeo Idle/ running problem at operating temp.

I have a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo 3.1L TBI that was running just fine but would not pass the state emissions test. I replaced the injectors, catalytic converter, and the O2 sensor, and now it will not idle at operating temperature. It will run and then almost stall out, and then it will surge and keep running. At higher rpm's it will run good and then start to fall off and try and stall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have invested way more than it is worth to keep failing the emissions test.
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Have the truck scanned....Not just codes.....Look in data for engine temp. A lying temp sensor will throw off the fuel mix......
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Cleared ECU after installation of O2, converter, and injectors, so no codes stored. Check engine light has not come on even with problem. Check engine light does work as it has stored trouble codes in the past. Did a resistance test on the coolant temp sensor and the ohms reading was lower than specified at temp. Replaced coolant temp sensor and no change at idle. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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Just a thought. Did you go back over everything you did and confirm no loose on unconnected wires for example?
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Double check to make sure your plug wires are NOT arcing/shorting against the engine when increased current is applied to them--i.e. engine rpms increased.

happened to me--drove me and mechanic nuts!!

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