2011 Toyota Camry - Mildew Order from vents


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2011 Toyota Camry - Mildew Order from vents

In January I purchased a 2011 Camry SE, now that the weather has warmed up a milddew order is very ovious when you open the door and drive. I have changed the cabin filter. Made no difference, I'm checking the condensation box drain to see if its plugged. If i had a leaky heater core I think I would smel antifreeze but not sure? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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My first thought was that perhaps it had some water intrusion into the interior while it was on the lot or wherever it was stored. In January 2012, a 2011 model could be as much as 18 months old or so and there would have been lots of time for it to maybe have had a window open one day while it was raining. Are you sure the mustiness is coming from the vents and not from the carpet or upholstery and just being redistributed through the vents?
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I agree with the _tow_ guy and think there is moisture in the carpet/underpad as a start point. I would suggest doing a complete and thorough steam clean if you don't want to pull some of it back and check for moisture and smell. You could also run the AC for a while on full and see if that destroys any chance of bacteria growth inside the HVAC cabin system. The car is too new for most other issues. What is your dealer offering to do for you?
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Your smell sounds like it coming from two areas first the ac case run your heater on full for 30 minutes this will dry it out then take some Lysol bacteria spray and put in in outside air intake this is located on most cars in the front cowl just below windshield have fan on high it will pull it thru and kill any bacteria in evaporator core second the jute under carpet has ever been wet it will have to be replace once it gets wet removing the smell is almost impossible to get rid of also if you find water under carpet have it checked and carpet cleaned

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