Buzzing Noise under the floor of Driver's side


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Buzzing Noise under the floor of Driver's side

Camry 1998 with High Mileage
It appears to me the car is STILL strong and runs REALLY good as if I just purchased a year ago. Also, both inside and outside is in good condition, no tears, no paint fading and no dents at all.

Recently, I started hearing 'noise' similar to 'buzzing noise' under the floor of driver's side and a bit all front part of the car. When idling the car, there is no noise at all. However, driving highway at 60 - 65 there is 'buzzing-noise.'

What issue the noise/buzzing noise could be?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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It could be alot of things causing this and the only way to really find it is to get under the car and start tapping and shaking things to see what is loose or has become unattached. Sometimes it is exhaust system related, including heat shields that become loose and vibrate against the body, or loose components inside that system, but there are also fuel and brake line bundles that could have a broken attachement point, and, and, and. There is no way to know without really getting the car up on a hoist and going over it all looking and tapping around with hopes of finding something. Sometimes the location of the noise is hard to pinpoint also and where we think we hear it may in fact not be where it is originating from. It could even be something inside the drivers seat mounting and adjustment for instance or something that has fallen down and is trapped in that same area.

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