Battery keeps going bad


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Battery keeps going bad

I seemed to have trouble with my troubleshooting. I purchased a 2002 Montero 6cyl SUv 3 months ago and about 1 1/2 months ago the battery light started coming on along with the brake light. I had it checked and they said the cells on the battery were bad. Well that battery had just been purchased 7/11. I bought a new one and had them check the alternator which they said was good. Well 2 months later the exact same thing happened so I took it back a luckily got my warranty and they gave me a new. Well 1 day later it is doing the same thing but it is sparatic when it comes on. I was told to check your neg cable to ground on the vehicle. Clean and make sure all connections are tight same with starter cables. Anything else anyone can think of that might help on my troubleshooting....
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When was the last time the serpentine belt was changed? It could be slipping some, especially if the AC is on at times for example. There is also a possibility that the voltage from the alternator is not being regulated properly and the the system is sometimes both under and over charging. Over charging can burn out battery cells. Did they test your return battery to confirm that it was in fact a problem when you returned it, or simply just exchange it no questions asked?
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I'd guess that if battery light comes up intermittently, then you have bad wire on alternator somewhere. Rusted, or simply loose. Or broken, and covered by insulation.
Load testing alternator also may needed to be done. That it puts out 14V does not mean much, as it also needs to put out enough amperes.
And who are mysterious "they"? Boys at Autozone?
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Autzone did the test on both Alternator and starter since they are in series. I assume with that test deviice they had checked that. I just got back after cheking under hood fuses which are all good and called Autozone and another guy said it could be a short between starter alternator or battery....does that makes sense?
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Thats what the Autozone guy said to check was a bad wire.....I appreciate the replies
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Might be time to consult a good garage vice AZ (nothing against AZ).

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