1996 Plymouth Voyager


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1996 Plymouth Voyager

The transmission clunks when going into reverse, sometimes will not go into high gear, sometimes starts out in high gear. What is the band adjustment? Would that help resolve the problem?
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Those particular Mopar transmissions have a history of failure. I would get a professional transmission shop opinion on yours, but I am pretty sure they will not be talking about 'band adjustments', and more around valve body failure, or internal issues and that means more around rebuild, or replace. With an old minivan like yours, you may need to make some decisions around repair verses scrap.
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Agree with 'nox; won't be a "band adjustment". You didn't say how many miles, but a 16 year old vehicle I would have to assume would have in the neighborhood of 175-200k miles which is pretty good service for an original tranny. I don't remember what the common failure item is on those trannies, but as 'nox said, be prepared for the news to be "rebuild". Don't quote me, but on those I think the rebuild runs about $1800 depending on your area. I would not consider a used unit; my favorite tranny guy refuses to put used ones in Caravans/Voyagers, even though he will in other makes/models.
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I loved my Plymouth Voyager, I had the grand which was extra long. But there was a design flaw with the transmission. after 16 years, and 5 transmission, I finally had enough. When the first one went, I should have put in a standard, and been done with all that work. I would only get 30 to 40 thousand miles, and I didn't beat it either. Just back and forth to work 5 miles each way, and around town shopping.

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